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At Totally Fly we are 100% dedicated to the sport of fly fishing.

You could say that we are a bit obsessed with it, but that’s an understatement. We constantly challenging ourselves as anglers, and because we get to live the dream, our mission is to share it with you so you can enjoy your fishing as much as we do.

Totally Fly is the sum of several parts, and we are really grateful for the encouragement we have from our angling friends. It’s as a result of that that we are here. Part of what we love in this incredible sport is the camaraderie and friendships we make, thank you.

Our goal is to be New Zealand’s number one destination for everything fly fishing – from relevant information, the best Fly Fishing gear, products and materials, to fly tying and casting classes, trips and guiding, and catering for all ranges of experience and levels of expertise.


The Team.  


Kiyoshi Nakagawa is a passionate fly fisher who has fished all over the world for all sorts of species.

He’s notched up a remarkable number of species of trout, he’s a man on a mission.

On the salt Yoshi’s favourite day is spent hunting kingfish, but if it has fins and gills he’ll throw a fly at it. 

Yoshi is an Umpqua fly tying instructor and has been appointed as the official fly tier for several New Zealand teams competing internationally. 

His innovative techniques and ideas have given him an enviable track record on the competitive fly fishing circuit, and he won the New Zealand championships in 2010. Yoshi is a consistent medalist both here and overseas. 


Chris Young has been saltwater and freshwater fishing since he was old enough to hold a rod.

A photographer by trade, he was lured to New Zealand in 2008 by tales of wild water and big trout.

 Chris’s eye for detail rolls nicely into a love of fly tying and understanding of aesthetics to the art. He spends time researching old patterns, tinkering with designs and pondering new materials to find innovative ways to tempt trout.

On the Sports Fly Fishing New Zealand circuit Chris is a consistently placed campaigner. 

Not only that, Chris is a lot of fun to hang with and spend time talking about fishing. He’s got a great ability to share knowledge and loves to see others enjoy their fishing.

Chris YoungChris_salt


Belinda Thomas is a passionate catcher of fish.

As a fly fisher she has travelled far and wide to fish in fresh and salt water. Her mantra of Anything-on-fly sees her targeting a few obscure species as well as the ones you’d expect.

 Belinda writes for several fishing publications, teaches, speaks at angling clubs, and guides on occasion. She has appeared in t.v. angling shows and on DVD. With a love of the great outdoors, she considers fly fishing to be the perfect sport.

 Trout are her first love, and Belinda also enjoys the thrill of competitive fly fishing, representing New Zealand several times.

 She’s is our self-appointed product-tester, so most likely you’ll find her out there, somewhere, and fishing.